Mi Smart Projector 2

  • Up to 120” screen with 1.2:1 throw ratio
  • Multi-angle auto-keystone correction*
  • Clear 1080p resolution images with auto-focus
  • Android TV™ with Google Assistant
  • built-inEntertainment with Dolby Audio™

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Mi Smart Projector 2 1080p Full HD - White

Product Description

Introducing the Mi Smart Projector 2 – the perfect way to turn any room into your own private cinema. Featuring full HD resolution and a screen size of up to 120", this projector is ideal for watching movies, TV shows, and more. The autofocus and four-channel LED RGB + BP brightness ensure that you'll always have a clear picture, while the Dolby Audio sound system creates an immersive audio experience. The multi-angle auto-keystone correction ensures that your projection is always perfectly sized and aligned, no matter where you place the projector. And with certified Android TV™, you'll have access to all your favorite streaming content. Whether you're watching your favorite movie for the hundredth time or exploring a new show, the Mi Smart Projector 2 is the perfect way to bring your entertainment to life.

A perfect square projected at multiple angles

Mi Smart Projector 2 makes it easy to project a perfect square without any distortion. This is possible thanks in part to its multi-angle auto keystone correction* across 3 axes and 6 directions that can adjust for any projection angle or direction, ensuring your image will be perfectly formatted every time!

The smart hub of an IoT-enabled home

The Google Assistant button on your remote is a useful way to find what you're looking for, whether it be shows or information about how the projector works. So press that!

-You can also use voice search if the text isn't cutting it out enough; just say "Hey Google" followed by whatever keyword comes into mind like 'projector'

Four-channel LED RGB+BP brightness

The HDR10 decoder ensures your colors are as real and vibrant on the screen. The blue light enhances this experience by making them feel more intense, giving you that perfect stimulus for an amazing night out at home with friends!

Only 28dB for a peaceful viewing experience

The projector's built-in sound system will deliver a theater experience without the slightest bit of bothering you.

Project a large display

The image of your favorite films, concerts, or games is now available on a single screen. With the new 60-120 inch range throw distance you can enjoy them all from one wall!


Enjoy the comfort of immersive sound

Carefully calibrated by the acoustic master*, the Mi Smart Projector 2 adopts dual channel virtual surround sound and supports Dolby decoding*. The life-like human voices and virtual surround sound make you feel like you are right in the action.

Enjoy smarter entertainment

Simplify your entertainment experience with Android TV™*. Access thousands of movies and shows from various platforms in one place.

Just the ports you need

With one HDMI 2.0 port, one USB 2.0 port and one headphone port, the projector supports 4K input and works with hard drives, game consoles, microphones and more, making it perfect for your entertainment needs.

As compact and portable as a work of art

With a body size of 115x150x150mm and covered with fabric material on the front, it makes a perfect artistic addition to your home. Weighing only 1.3kg, pick it up and move it whenever you need.

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